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Sync2DB Release Notes

Sync2DB Synchronizer for Microsoft Outlook Release Notes

You can determine which version you have by going to the Help Menu > About. The release notes below cover what's new and what's been fixed in each release.
If you receive your version of Sync2DB from your database provider we recommend that you contact him/her to avoid any older version compatibility problems. The latest version's downloadable link is available from the Sync2DB Synchronizer Help menu -> About...->

We're always looking for ways to make Sync2DB more useful to you, so please let us know what you think.

Download the latest version of Sync2DB Synchronizer here.

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Please note that if you have installed a previous Sync2DB Synchronizer version on your computer, we highly recommend that you uninstall it first (go to Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs). We also highly recommend that you update the Demo Sandbox subscription by opening the configuration file from here.

Version History:

Version 1.31 02/25/2010

Changes made:

  • Memory leak.
  • Improper functionality of mapping parameter <DateTimeMode>.

Version 1.30 08/12/2009

Changes made:

  • Ability to synchronize folders located on a Microsoft Exchange Server, including Public Folders.

Version 1.21 04/16/2009

Changes made:

  • 64-bit (x64) platform support.

Version 1.20 02/17/2009

Changes made:

  • MySQL databases support.
  • Remote subscriptions support.

A new version of Sync2DB Developer Package was also released. It includes version 1.00.0039 of Sync2DB Administration Tools, SQL scripts and samples for MySQL and remote subscriptions, as well as the updated Sync2DB Developer Guide. If you have installed a previous version of Sync2DB Developer Package (Sync2DB Administration Tools), you must uninstall it first.

Please note, that the subscription file structure has been changed. Refer to Developer Guide for the current structure description.

Version 1.03 01/14/2009

Changes made:

  • Improving of error alert notification (including cases when a firewall doesn't allow connection).
  • Improving of ability to disable/enable subscriptions and folders.
  • Other enhancements

Bugs Fixed:

  • Incorrect detection of default PST in some cases.
  • Minor problems with synchronization.
  • Other minor bugs.

Version 1.02 12/30/2008

Changes made:

  • Ability to synchronize HTMLBody field for all types of Outlook items.
  • "Forms" authentication option for web service.
  • Detection of connection failure (due to firewalls, etc.).
  • The option of starting of Synchronizer with Windows.
  • Other enhancements.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Problems with synchronization of E-mails and Appointments.
  • Other minor bugs.

Version 1.00.0084 12/12/2008

Changes made:

  • Ability to specify Date Time Mode (Local or UTC).
  • A new version of Sync2DB Administration Tools (version 1.00.0019).

Bugs Fixed:

  • Problems with uninstalling the previously installed versions.
  • Problems with re-activations of Private Professional licenses.
  • Problems with synchronization.
  • Other minor bugs.

Version 1.00.0077 12/8/2008 (builds: 62-77)

Changes made:

  • Implemented and updated licensing
  • Updated documentation
  • About box updated

Bugs Fixed:

  • The tray icon changes in cases of: 1) Offline mode 2) Failed sync
  • Incorrect filename extension of license file
  • "Work Offline" checkboxes in the main forms and trays' menus are not the same
  • Qty of changes shows incorrectly
  • Scheduling doesn't work
  • Applying the *.2db file with sub. update: changes become effective only after restart
  • Applying the *.2db file doesn't work if it doesn't contain an .xsd file(s)

Version 1.00.0020 10/2008

We are happy that our more than 1 year of development and research are finally bringing us some results. The first publicly available beta version of Sync2DB was released November 10, 2008.

Known issues:

  • Functional features currently not supported (not synchronized):
    • n/a
  • System limitations:
    • Compatible with Microsoft® Outlook® 2002, 2003, 2007 only (Outlook versions 2000 and prior are not tested yet) - fixing in progress.
    • Windows 2002, XP, 2003, Vista
  • Other issues and limitations:
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