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About Sync2DB

What is Sync2DB?

Sync2DB is a Windows application that safely links and connects Microsoft Outlook with your database or any other database simultaneously. Each connection to database and data feed settings organized into a subscription (collection of simple xml files), that can be easily created and distributed along with the program itself. The developer is now in full control of Sync2DB installation and functional behavior and can integrate the program into any business process or its own Outlook-Database synchronization and sharing application. Sync2DB has been designed as a simple tool that requires no interaction from the end user side. Just click the the "subscribe" link on your enterprise Web site, select the data that you allow to be grabbed or synchronized from your Outlook and you are all set! Sync2DB is available here with a free* demo subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits of Sync2DB?
  2. Who should download Sync2DB?
  3. How much does Sync2DB cost and how to order it?
  4. In what languages is Sync2DB available?
  5. How does it work?
  6. How to connect Outlook with database (create subscriptions)?
  7. What are the system requirements for Sync2DB?
  8. What are the Sync2DB functional limitations?
  9. Security
  10. How do I upgrade to new versions of Sync2DB?
  11. I've purchased the license but cannot activate Sync2DB.
  12. What type of license do I need?
  13. What is your Money-back policy
  14. What is your support options

What are the benefits of Sync2DB?
All other synchronization solutions between Microsoft Outlook and databases are complicated because they require configuration and Outlook add-on installation on each user account and PC and allow only one connection at a time. The task to make a program that helps users and developers to subscribe to Outlook or to a database has been very challenging and has required thousands of hours of developing and testing. Sync2DB is the first tool that helps to avoid or minimize the user interaction with the program, and helps developers create safe data subscriptions, providing synchronization and deploy the application onto thousands of users' PCs in a mater of days. Sync2DB synchronizer enables you to make Outlook synchronization quick and convenient over the Internet or LAN and ensures that you keep your Outlook and SQL database information in sync. Sync2DB Synchronizer is based on the Microsoft Sync Framework (comprehensive synchronization platform) technology that allows developers to safely synchronize or transfer any data from any store or PC using any protocol over any network. Among other benefits, you can implement the following features**:

  • Connect Microsoft Outlook with SQL database in accordance with your own schema. (Data Subscriptions).
  • Free or commercial data subscriptions for Microsoft Outlook owners.
  • Data transition (i.e. you can see customers' orders from your web site and manage your customers contact information within your Outlook)
  • Load or store selected or all item(s).
  • Never update Outlook or database items.
  • Delete Outlook items when an item is removed from the database or vice-versa.
  • Run manual or auto-synchronization based on scheduler and "Push" technology.
  • Show progress during synchronization.
  • Show or not show the program interface options.
  • Provide multiple subscriptions to the same and different database simultaneously (link multiple Outlook folders to different folders or database). This feature allows synchronizing Outlook items with several databases simultaneously (either in different or the same Outlook folders).
  • Protect the subscriptions settings.
  • Apply synchronization filters (customizable for each Outlook folder or for all folders of the same type).
  • Work directly with Outlook data via MAPI without interference with the Outlook application (i.e. without opening or starting Outlook in the background).
  • Support all Outlook item types, custom fields, forms, documents and attachments.
  • Ability to synchronize your Database with Outlook folders located on a Microsoft Exchange Server, including Public Folders.
  • Ensure equivalent Items detection and management.
  • Choose the silent installation option. The Product distribution kit will allow remote (or administrative) installation of Synchronizer onto users’ computers by developer or administrator.
  • Sync2DB Configuration Tool allows developers to easily adjust the configuration files (mapping, etc.).
  • Work in offline mode
  • Privacy protection. To provide user privacy protection, a special alerting form is implemented.

**Note: Some of the features are limited in the current version and will be added in the future versions.

Who should download/try and implement Sync2DB with their database?
Sync2DB can work for user or any company that utilizes Microsoft Outlook for every day tasks and wants to synchronize and share Outlook data with their enterprise database or any database that offers Sync2DB subscriptions. The application is particularly useful for large groups even if some of their members do not have Outlook at all. Sync2DB is also helpful for commercial and free data providers, ISP's, CRM/ERM developers and integrators, etc... There are no specific restrictions as to the group size in the Trial version. Please check the system requirements before signing up.

How much does Sync2DB cost and how to order it?
Sync2DB is free if you want to subscribe to our demo or to free subscriptions. The Developer Professional Private License is Free and available upon request; it can be used for developing purposes only (one per developer per organization). Have in mind that some web sites data subscriptions will also allow using your Sync2DB for free with their data feed, while on the other web sites you will need to pay for their feed! If you want to subscribe for unlimited number of subscriptions, you should buy a Pro user license. If you need license for your company employees then simple Enterprise license is your best choice. The actual cost will depend on your group size and licensing model, and start from as little as $65 per user and less than $5 per user license for a group of more than 10000 subscribers. With 1 Pro user license you will be able to synchronize any number of subscriptions. We also provide service of custom subscription database mapping and implementation services that cost from $100 to $500 per subscription. To learn more about Sync2DB licensing and calculate the actual cost of your order, please check out Sync2DB Service Pricing list by clicking here or contact us.

In what languages is Sync2DB available?
At this point Sync2DB is available in the US-English language only. Sorry. We plan to add other languages during the year 2009.

How does it work?
Sync2DB allows customers to subscribe/receive access to specific data of their database and maintain it in Outlook. Sync2DB allows 3-way synchronization (Outlook->Database(DB); DB->Outlook, DB<->Outlook). Your database administrator/developer will decide how to interact with product components and database and what data/ fields, filters and directions of synchronization to use with the selected customer or group via xml configuration files (subscription). He can easily define the business pattern and installation process that will be most suitable. Sync2Db utilizes the Microsoft Sync Framework (comprehensive synchronization platform) technology.
Here is an example of a simple one-way synchronization process: Customer logs in to your web site, clicks the “subscribe/ synchronize/ upload Outlook data” button. The Application will be automatically downloaded and installed on the customer’s PC. The data and fields selected by the administrator in a Microsoft Outlook folder will be automatically uploaded to the selected database with pre-defined parameters. The process of synchronization can be fully silent without any user-customer interactions, or fully displayed with all the required program interfaces and notifications, along with the status of upload/synchronization. Synchronization processes that will follow can be fully automated /scheduled or requested manually from your web site after logging in, as well as from the desktop shortcut that will require logon. This synchronization can be executed even when Microsoft Outlook is closed.
Sync2DB synchronizer creates the Sync2DB database locally on your PC in order to store small amount of information (metadata) to track changes in Outlook and sync process. During the synchronization process all changes made in your Outlook Personal folders on current PC are sent from Outlook to the server database and vice versa according synchronization type. If you are using the two-way synchronization subscription, then during synchronization, you will also receive all database changes.
So, if you have several computers (i.e. your work computer and your home PC) where you want to have the same synchronized data subscriptions for the same Outlook folders, install Sync2DB, using one and the same Sync2DB and subscription login ID.

How to connect Outlook with a database (create subscriptions)?
Please read the product documentation available here or contact us.

What are the system requirements for Sync2DB, Database and other environment?
At this time, Sync2DB synchronizer has only been tested for Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home/Pro), Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002(XP), 2000. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (available with install). Database: MS SQL (version 2000 and later, including all editions as well as MSDE). MySQL (without Push support: version 4.1 or later; with Push support: version 5.0 or later). Oracle** (version 9i or later).
User Hardware: CPU: at least Pentium III 1 GHz or analogical with 256Mb RAM minimum (512Mb recommended). However, the application is designed for Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007.

What are the Sync2DB functional limitations?
This version supports one Microsoft Outlook profile. Support of multiple profiles will be added in the future versions.

4Team is firmly committed to the privacy of our users, and we make it a high priority to help ensure the security and confidentiality of the information you provide.

The information you provide will not be shared or sold, and it will be used solely for the purpose for which it was provided. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

How do I upgrade to new versions of Sync2DB?
Currently, there is no automatic notification of new versions. We will notify you by email or you can check manually by going to: Help Menu > About > Check for Update. You don't need to uninstall the previous version.

I've purchased the license but cannot activate Sync2DB.
The Sync2DB activation depends on the license type - Private or Corporate.
A Private license can be activated via Sync2DB Synchronizer (Start -> All programs -> 4Team Corporation -> Sync2DB -> Sync2DB Synchronizer) by selecting "Activate..." from the "Help" menu.
A Corporate license can be activated via Sync2DB Activation Wizard (Start -> All programs -> 4Team Corporation -> Sync2DB Administration Tools -> Activate or Register Sync2DB). This is a part of Sync2DB Administration Tools, included into the Sync2DB Developer Package.
Please note: Corporate licenses are intended for developers / database owners, not for end-users.

To download and install Sync2DB Developer Package, please register as "Developer" at the product Web site

Please note: Sync2DB Activation Wizard requires a connection to your database on your SQL server.

What type of license do I need? (click on the link for a graphical explanation)
Corporate licenses (both Standard Corporate License and Professional Corporate License) are intended for intra-corporate use; they are applied and stored in a database, administered by for developers or database owners. They can be standard and professional depending on the number of databases that are synchronized (standard-a single database; professional-multiple databases). These licenses are given out to corporate end-users in the form of subscriptions and activated by the system administrators (developers, database owners, etc.)
Private licenses (Professional Private License) are intended for non-corporate (private) use and allow the end-users to implement this software for their individual needs. If you wish to synchronize your data with a database offered by a database owner, this license is for you.
Developers may get this type of license for free, upon request; it can be used for developing purposes only (one per developer per organization).

Here is a very simple rule: if you do not know where the database is located what type it is, you should not buy a corporate license, but a Professional Private License instead.

For graphical explanations click here.

What is the Sync2DB software money-back policy?

  • The Sync2DB is offered to our customers with a 30-day money-back period. All money for the purchased licenses will be refunded during the 30-day period after the purchase without any additional questions asked. Consultation, technical support or any other customized work orders are non-refundable.
  • 3-month money-back period for Corporate Licenses during deployment-integration.
  • For detailed information please click here.

    What is your support options and how it works?
    Technical support and case consultations will only be provided to the owners of 25 and more licenses. Owners of less than 25 licenses can find answers to their questions through our Web site Forum (answers are usually received within 3-5 business days).

    We understand the effectiveness of phone support when a customer is connected directly to developers. Otherwise, it is often just a mere waste of time, especially for software products like Sync2DB. For this software product we have a manager who stays connected 24/7/365 providing communication between customers and our development team. Here is our support procedure: Customer-> submits first info about problems via our General Sales and Customer Support Channel (phone, e-mail, Questionnaire, web-support form, live-chat help, Sync2DB forum)-> ticket created-> ticket received by product support specialist -> he/she sets priorities, creates a special problem case for our development team. Since our product support specialist is involved in the Sync2DB development process, he will:

  • contact you directly (outside standard support hours) or indirectly via General Sales and Support Channel with additional questions, if needed (e-mail, phone, chat);
  • organize conferences (phone, chat) to understand and recreate your problem in our environment;
  • fix your problem and close your support case working with you and developers directly.

  • If you have a problem that needs urgent attention (customers only), please inform us about it in one of the following ways:
    1. By phone or LiveHelp (Chat) from 9 am to 5:30 pm EST, Mon thru Fri. You can describe your problem, enhancing its urgency, if it is the case. The information will be transferred to the Sync2DB Product Manager, who will create a special case for the product’s developers after recreating your problem. Together with the developers, he will work on your case and get back to you within 24 hours.
    2. By e-mail, available 24/7/365. We will provide you with a special e-mail address where you can send your detailed description of the problem. In any case, you will be contacted within one hour since your submission, if your case is urgent, with the steps that are being taken. We think that the urgent problems of this kind are very rare and occur mainly during the deployment of a new service for your clients. Having that in mind, we are offering all our customers our money-back policy that we consider fair. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.
    Contact us here.


    For complete release notes, visit our release notes page.

    To see what version of Sync2DB you're currently running, go to the Help Menu > About.












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