Sync2DB - Synchronize any SQL Database with Microsoft Outlook    

Free Subscriptions

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These subscriptions do not require purchasing any licenses.
To subscribe to any of them just download and install the Sync2DB application and click on the subscription link below.

Download-Only subscriptions:

Click on the link to add and/or upload subscription data to Microsoft Outlook. All the data will be created and posted to separate non default Microsoft Outlook folders.
Please contact us if you want to create or add free subscriptions to this list.

Upload-Grab Only subscriptions:

  • Black list / Contacts
    Junk Contacts (Do Not Call List, junk e-mail list, etc)
  • Best Hotels / Contacts (created by you)

Synchronize subscriptions:

Other commercial and specific subscriptions:

Contact us if you want to create custom Sync2DB subscriptions or synchronize Outlook with the following servers:
  • Microsoft SharePoint / Tasks / Calendar / Contacts / E-mail / Notes / Journal (Contact us to create a subscription to your server)
  • Microsoft Project Server /Tasks / Contacts
  • Microsoft CRM /Tasks /Contacts /E-mail / Notes / Journal
  • Microsoft Business Contact manager (Microsoft Access) /Contacts / E-mail / Tasks
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